Homebirth Midwifery

MetroBoston Midwifery offers family centered care for families choosing to birth outside the hospital. We provide comprehensive prenatal, birth, postpartum and newborn care.

Prenatal Care

Offering care either at your home or in our office .

The typical prenatal schedule is:

Visits usually last about one hour and include physical exam, nutritional counseling, diagnostics and holistic modalities of care.

Home Birth

We provide care during birth and work to provide the type of birth that you want. We take great care to follow your birth wishes and let you birth on your terms. Birth fees typically include three midwives to attend to you and your baby.

We also work with a great network of doulas that can help support you and your family through your labor and birth. We can also help you find doulas that will help support your children at your home birth.

Postpartum Care

We see moms and babies at one day, three days, one week, three weeks, six weeks postpartum. we do physical exams on both mom and baby. At the three day visit we do the newborn screen/PKU test if you consent to do it. Most postpartum visits last one to three hours and are all done in your home.

We are always available by phone or email for questions and thoughts.